Artist Statement

Through my art I hope to remind people that natural forces are vital forces, and that our minds are still a product of nature –with the same vitality and dark beauty. 

I was raised in the country but live in the city. In my early life I was impressed by the power and beauty of the natural world. The patterns of nature were formative imprints –and to this day draw my eye more than anything else. The connection between nature and my survival seemed obvious. As a young adult I moved to the city where art, culture and ideas made deep impressions. 

There is a prevailing belief that these human expressions preside over the natural order. While much of contemporary art exalts that which is uniquely human, I have no interest to separate myself, nor my art, from nature. My current subjects are the powers of nature and human consciousness. Sometimes I feel safer with the forces of nature (as raw and destructive as they can be) than I do with those of human endeavor, but it is the tension between the two that I find compelling and which I try to explore in my art work –paintings, drawings, prints, video, and collage. 

In my current work, I’m trying to make sense out of the human anomaly in Nature. What is the relationship between the mind and the natural order?

My drawings are realistically rendered and conceptually abstracted. Realistic patterns of nature are combined with abstract concepts –language, mathematical models, and symbols. I am imposing unnatural structure on natural substance, and conversely, depicting abstract human ideas with natural forms. I am dissolving the ideal forms of geometry and our symbols for language with raw nature. I wonder (and enjoy) how these products of consciousness are so different from the natural world producing them. 

As a curator and producer, I’ve worked with various arts organizations in the Midwest and numerous artists to produce socially relevant, thematic exhibitions. These carefully designed shows are another medium for me as an artist to convey ideas and affect culture.